A Portrait of a Graduate

A graduate of St. Augustine School will exhibit certain educational and moral virtues which
have been cultivated during their time as a student at St. Augustine School.


Excellence is doing all that one can with what has been given by God.  A Saint Augustine graduate will take seriously the work of glorifying God with all of one’s mind, meeting challenges with intellectual discipline, welcoming rigor in all areas, and enjoying life-long learning. 


Wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord.  A Saint Augustine graduate will seek to think God’s thoughts after Him, ever striving to live under His dominion.  


God does not call us to live as islands in the world. In His perfection, He is three-in-one, and in our bearing of His image, we are called to be in relationship. A Saint Augustine graduate will know that love of neighbor is a high and worthy call and will seek out opportunities to wholeheartedly follow the model of our Savior, dying to self and serving the world.


We worship a God who made the platypus and the venus fly trap. He gave us laughter, and a Saint Augustine graduate will rejoice in each opportunity to giggle or guffaw, while also recognizing that deep joy comes only from the hope we find in Christ.


Education is begun before language is even attained, but it does not ripen until it is owned by the student himself. A Saint Augustine graduate will take the reins of the educational project, learning independence and responsibility, knowing that his or her education is exactly that – his or hers – not a parent’s or a teacher’s.


Literature and algebra are grand, but they are not the totality of education. God the artist created mountains and rivers, singing and dancing. We are formed by the visual and musical arts, as well as history and culture. A Saint Augustine graduate will seek engagement with our current culture, as well as historical societies, especially through the arts.