House System

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Sapientia is Latin for Wisdom, and we hope to pursue wisdom in all that we do. Our motto is, “With God are Wisdom and Might.” The Owl, which is our mascot, symbolizes exactly that – wisdom and might.




Gaudium is Latin for Joy, and we hope to foster joy in all that we do. Our motto is, “The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength.” The Pegasus, which is our mascot, symbolizes joy, and what a great charge we have – to encourage others to be joyful.




Veritas is Latin for Truth, and we hope to extol truth in all that we do. Our motto is, “Truth Exists to Make God Known.” That is exactly what we will strive to do. The Lion, which is our mascot, symbolizes truth, and Saint Augustine himself has been quoted as saying, “Truth is like a lion – there is no need to defend it. Let it loose, and it will defend itself.”




Praestantia is Latin for Excellence, and we hope to encourage excellence in all that we do. Our motto is, “Pursuing Excellence for His Glory.” That is exactly what we will strive to do. The eagle, which is our mascot, symbolizes excellence – soaring above all the other birds of the air.

The House System

At Saint Augustine School, we value intentional fellowship, friendly competition, school spirit, and whole-hearted service. Our house system works to implement these values in our school through the student body and faculty. House provides our students with opportunities in leadership, mentorship, activities, and service. These opportunities help our students grow in wisdom and virtue as they learn to lead and serve with humility. All families are sorted into one of four Houses and remain in that House until all their students’ graduate. Houses meet on a bi-weekly basis where student elected House Captains lead members in planning various events and times of fellowship. The House Captains are a part of the Student Government Association and serve as a liaison between the Houses and SGA. This is an integral leadership role that provides a voice for the student body. Faculty and parent House Deans serve to support all of this work. House carries on well-loved traditions, such as Board Game Night, the Spring Soirée, and Gryphon Games, to community service events. In addition to these student-led fellowship and community service activities, competition is another important aspect of House. Throughout the year, Houses compete in academics, arts, and intramural athletics to earn points to win the coveted House Cup. Aside from competition, House strives to foster deep relationships among our students and strengthen their love for our Creator and His people. Our Savior’s life was marked by humble service, grace, and mercy, and we desire that our student body be known for these same attributes. Working and serving alongside each other grows our students toward a love for Christ, one another, and our school as we practice that which is true, good, and beautiful.
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