Our Mission, Distinctives & Core Values

Our Mission

Saint Augustine School exists to cultivate excellence, wisdom, and joy by assisting parents in the education of their children, so that they may grow into a thorough understanding of God’s truth, goodness, and beauty.

Our Distinctives

Saint Augustine School is the area’s only collaborative school – intentionally interweaving parents’ discipleship into the educational week of their children. We are also the only classical, Christian school, which means that we are seeking to harness truth, goodness, and beauty to form the hearts of our students.

Our Core Values

Our mission tells us what we are after, the chief end of our work. Our core values are meant to describe how we live while we do that work. Our mission is where we’re going; our core values are principles we’re following on the journey. Jesus Christ is King Because Jesus is King, we may rest in his providential care for us. Our failures cannot thwart the work of redemption. Because Jesus is King, we are called to full obedience. We are not free to enthrone ourselves. Even our hairs are numbered, and every knee shall bow. People are Eternal Every human is created in and bears the image of God and will live forever, either with Him or apart from Him. Therefore, we should model our Savior and love all truthfully, charitably, and sacrificially, with virtue as the first goal. Laughter is a Real Good God has given us laughter in our souls, and He uses it to encourage us in all aspects of our walk. We take our work, not ourselves, seriously. We are privileged to rejoice in Him and to chuckle at the absurd, because He has overcome the world. Work is a Privilege God gave work to us in the garden before the fall, and it is an honor to serve him in the obedience to which He calls us. He grants us the dignity of being of use in His work of redemption and in response, we seek to work heartily, as unto the Lord. Collaboration is Powerful God calls a body of believers and grants us each the gifts needed that we may be used by Him. Pursuing our mission as a team harnesses the diversity of His gifts. Wisdom is found in a multitude of counselors, and we give thanks for being given each other.
Saint Augustine School, Ridgeland, MS

Classical. Christian. Collaborative.